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With Japanese technology and Asian production, TRI-ACE stands for high quality and consistent supply. TRI-ACE has been in co-operation with world leaders in the development of advanced technology in the design and production of its tires. Even before a tire is build and tested at the TRI-ACE test facilities, engineers examine it using revolutionary computer analysis.

TRI-ACE is innovative and high quality brand with the range of ultra high performance, passenger, light truck commercial and 4x4 radials with distribution throughout Europe, Middle East , Central and South America, Asia, Australia and of course, Saudi Arabia.

TRI-ACE prides itself in offering the highest quality standards across the entire product range with ECE, CCC, DOT, GCC and INMETRO certificates.

Itarat Al Jawdah has been importing TRI-ACE to Saudi Arabia for some time. With good reputation in the market and great feedback for its quality of being quite, stable, comfortable & attractive, we therefore made decision to become a partner and to distribute TRI-ACE in Saudi Arabia.

For further information about TRI-ACE or interested in purchase of the product, please email [email protected] or fill our Online form.

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